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Here you can find a brief summary of my biological work, including the online version of my PhD thesis and some links to other interesting sources

Vallonia pulchella
In the years between 1987 and 1995 I investigated the ruin fauna of three places in Lower Austria. The results of this work formed my Ph.D. thesis. The main topic deals with gastropods in wasted castles. (For the non-biologists: Gastropoda are usually knows as slugs and snails!)

The sample seasons were the years 1988 - 1990. The methods that I applied were cluster analysis and comparations with the vegetation sociology.

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"Ruinenschnecken" (snails on wasted places) are still under construction, the actual version is the original issue and therefore written in German language.

The complete citation is

JAUERNIG, P.: Faunistic, biological and ecological studies on the terrestric gastropod fauna of three Lower Austrian ruins with regard of the surrounding biotopes and the accompanying fauna. University of Vienna, 1995

The German title is
Faunistische, biologische und ökologische Untersuchung der Landgastropodenfauna dreier niederösterreichischer Ruinen unter Berücksichtigung der umliegenden Lebensräume und der Begleitfauna.

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Some information about me

Special biological fields of work

Ecology, snails, Faunistic. My doctoral thesis deals with animals called Gastropoda, which means "snails". The Classis Gastropoda is (together with mussels and squids) part of the Phylum Mollusca. In Austria, there are about 400 species of Mollusca. Most of the European landsnails belong to the Pulmonata, which are part of the Gastropoda. Mollusca in general and Gastropoda for special occur in very special species combinations, depending on the surrounding biotope. There are snail-communities of forests, meadows, lakes, rivers and so on. When man begins to cultivate the landscape, mollusc communities also change and get a special outfit.

I examined such mollusc communities and started with studies on wasted castles (ruins) in the small Danube river valley Wachau about 100 km west from Vienna.

Since some years ago I work for a computer company and therefore paused my biological work. I still keep on maintaining this page to present the results I yielded until now. I am still interested in knowlegde exchange.

Castle of Weitenegg (Outer Wall, dry habitat)

New Project

In 2009 I created the web page for my wife, Dr. Maria Makri, she is a therapist who helps especially women with selected massage methods.

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